University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture

Assoc. Prof. Ivan Vnučec, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Ivan Vnučec, PhD

Department of Animal Science and Technology
Office location: 2nd pavillion, 2nd floor, room nnumber 053
phone: +385 1 239 4036
e-mail: ivnucec ( at )
Languages: Croatian, English

Academic qualifications

  • 2004 - 2011: Ph.D.
    Carcass characteristics and meat quality of lambs from diverse production systems
  • 1997 - 2003: B.Sc.
    Cage rearing of young hens on farm "Agrokoka" Hrvatski Leskovac

Employment and work experience

  • 2014 - : University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture
    Assistant professor
  • 2011 - 2014: University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture
    Senior assistant
  • 2004 - 2011: University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture


Research interests

  • Technologies of breeding sheep and goats
  • Protection and conservation of Croatian local sheep and goat breeds and their products
  • Sheep/lamb meat production
  • Management of reproduction in sheep breeding

Training and research experience

  • 06. 12. 2006. - 16. 12. 2006.: Zhejiang University, College of Life Sciences, Hangzhou – China (scientific)
    Scientist exchange within the project "Genetic characterisation of the Croatian sheep breed based on microsatellite and mtDNA data".



Title Funding Status
Karakterizacija i uskladba genotipa, fenotipa i tehnologija proizvodnje Sveučilište u Zagrebu in progress
Karakterizacija proizvodnih i genetskih odlika domaćih životinja u Republici Hrvatskoj Sveučilište u Zagrebu finished
Procjena uzgojnih vrijednosti za svojstva kakvoće mesa Sveučilište u Zagrebu finished
Valorizacija fenotipa i genotipa hrvatskih autohtonih pasmina domaćih životinja Sveučilište u Zagrebu finished
Genetske i fenotipske odlike izvornih hrvatskih pasmina ovaca MZOS finished
Mesne odlike hrvatskih pasmina ovaca MZOS finished


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  • Mioč, B., Pavić, V., Vnučec, I., Prpić, Z., Kostelić, A. & Sušić, V. (2007) Effect of olive cake on daily gain, carcass characteristics and chemical composition of lamb meat. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 52 (2), 31-36.

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