University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture

Prof. Ferdo Bašić, PhD, Professor Emeritus

Office location: Hall 6, 1st floor
phone: +385 01 239 3815
e-mail: fbasic ( at )

Academic qualifications

  • - 1984: Ph.D.
    Faculty of Agriculture University of Sarajevo
    Dynamics of Redox Potential of iron and managanese in some soils
  • - 1974: M.Sc.
    Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb
    Contribution on knowledge of redox potential in some hydrmorphic soil types

Employment and work experience

  • 1984 - 2010: Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb
    1999-2003 - Head of General Agronomy Department
    2000 - full professor with permanent title
    1996 - full professor
    1990 - associate professor
    1984 - assistant professor
  • 1973 - 1984: High Agricultural college Križevci
  • 1972 - 1973: Institute of Soil Science and Soil Technolgy - Zagreb
  • 1970 - 1971: Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb
  • 1964 - 1965: Agricultural co-operation Selenča - Vojvodina
    agricultural technician
  • - 1965: Public Agricultural farm - Županja
    officer in milking cows breeding

Research interests

  • Soil tillage
  • Soil conservation
  • Organic agriculture
  • Soil fertilization
  • Farming Systems



Title Funding Status
RECOAL "Reintegration of Coal Ash Disposal Sites and Mitigation of Pollution in the West Balkan Area" EU 6th Framework Program, Project Number: INCO-WBC-1-509173 finished
LIFE Third Countries 2005 Project “Development of the Croatian Soil Monitoring Programme with a Pilot Project” LIFE+ finished
Bioremedijacija tla konopljom pri različitoj reakciji tla Sveučilište u Zagrebu finished


Title Funding Status
Monitoring okoliša na pogonu Molve, CPS III-2020 Other in progress
Monitoring poljoprivrednih tala na području CPS Molve Other finished
Monitoring poljoprivrednih tala na području CPS Molve Other finished
Trajno motrenje ekosustava okoliša CPS Molve-2017 Other finished
Trajno motrenje ekosustava okoliša CPS Molve-2018 Other finished
Trajno motrenje ekosustava okoliša CPS Molve-2019 Other finished
Uzorkovanje tla s ciljem utvrrđivanja trenutnih fizikalnih i kemijskih značajki tla u istraživanom prostoru Other finished
Monitoring poljoprivrednih tala na području utjecaja CPS Molve Suradnja s gospodarstvom finished
Monitoring poljoprivrednih tala i šumskog ekosusutava na području CPS Molve Suradnja s tijelima uprave finished
Utjecaj različitih načina korištenja tla na klimatske promjene Suradnja s tijelima uprave finished


  • Mercury in Eisenia fetida and soil in the vicinity of a natural gas treatment plant in northern Croatia. // Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part A: Toxic/Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering. 51 (2016) , 2; 114-120
  • Šestak, Ivana; Mesić, Milan; Zgorelec, Željka; Kisić, Ivica; Bašić, Ferdo.
    Winter wheat agronomic traits and nitrate leaching under variable nitrogen fertilization. // Plant, Soil and Environment. 60 (2014) , 9; 394-400
  • Žužul, Silva; Zgorelec, Željka; Bašić, Ferdo; Kisić, Ivica; Mesić, Milan; Vađić, Vladimira; Orct, Tatjana.
    Arsenic in Air and Soil in the Vicinity of the Central Gas Station Molve, Croatia. // Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology. 86 (2011) , 5; 501-505
  • Kisić, Ivica; Mesić, Sanja; Bašić, Ferdo; Brkić, Vladislav; Mesić, Milan; Durn, Goran; Zgorelec, Željka; Bertović, Lidija.
    The effect of drilling fluids and crude oil on some chemical characteristics of soil and crops. // Geoderma. 149 (2009) , 3-4; 209-216
  • Sajko, Krunoslav; Kisić, Ivica; Bašić, Ferdo; Sabolić, Mijo.
    Bulk density and soil resistance variability in different soil moisture conditions under different tillage systems. // Cereal Research Communications. 37 (2009) , Suppl. 1; 371-374
  • Kisić, Ivica; Bašić, Ferdo; Nestroy, Othmar; Sabolić, Mijo.
    Soil Erosion under Different Tillage and Cropping Systems in Central Croatia // Global Change - Challenges for Soil Management / Zlatic, Miodrag (ur.).
    Reiskirchen : Catena Verlag GMBH, 2010. Str. 141-149.

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Other professional activities

  • 2014: HAZU - Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
    Full member - Department of Natural Sciences
  • 1996 - 2000: President of management Board
    High Agricultural college - Križevci
  • 1994 - 1998:
    Interuniversity Conference of Agricultural and related sciences - ICA
  • 1984 - 1988: Deputy dean for scientific affairs
    Faculty of agriculture, University of Zagreb
  • - 1996: Co-ordinator of preparation of National report on Food security
    World Food Summit - Rome
    Member of Delegation of Croatia