University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture

Prof. Đurđica Žutinić, PhD

Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
Office location: V pavilion, first floor
phone: +385 1 239 3742
e-mail: dzutinic ( at )
Languages: croatian, english
Consultations: Tuesday, 10-11 pm

Academic qualifications

  • 1994 - 1996: Ph.D
    Doctoral dissertation titled "Aspirations of the Students of Agricultural Schools ans Faculties towards Family Farming in Croatia" was defended at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture.
  • 1984 - 1988: M.Sc.
    Master's thesis titled "The controversies of the social stratification in Yugoslavian society " was defended at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Political Science.
  • 1976 - 1980: B.Sc
    Bachelor's thesis titled" Tendencies of meat consumption in Yugoslavia" was defended at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture

Employment and work experience

  • 1980 - : University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture


Teaching outside the AGR

  • Rural sociology
    University of Maribor Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Research interests

  • Rural Development
  • Rural Youth
  • Social Reproduction of Family Farms
  • Rural Education and Communication

Training and research experience

  • 02. 05. 2005. - 06. 05. 2005.: University of Bristol and University of Zagreb (expert)
    Strategic Management of Staff Development at University
  • 24. 05. 2004. - 28. 05. 2004.: FAO i GZT (Deutche Gesellschaft fur Techniche Zusammenarbeit GmbH (mixed)
    Regional Socio-Economic and Gender Analysis (SEAGA) and Rural Development, Workshop, FAO and GTZ, Ohrid, Macedonia
  • 14. 02. 2003. - 15. 03. 2003.: University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, SAD (mixed)
    Rural Development, Management and Research
  • 15. 09. 1999. - 25. 09. 1999.: Royal Tropical Institute, Netherland i Ministartvo poljoprivrede i šumarstva RH (expert)
    Methods and Management of Farm Research; Certificate of On-Farm Research Methodology and Research Management, MAF RH and KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Netherlands
  • 30. 10. 1993. - 16. 11. 1993.: International study program on The Salzburg Global Seminar - Schloss Leopolds kron (scientific)
    The Salzburg Global Seminar Certificate, Session 308, Agriculture: Food, Enviroment and Rural Development
  • 03. 07. 1992. - 02. 08. 1992.: Centre for Rural Research Norway, Trondheim (mixed)
    International School for Rural Sociology /Diploma of ESRS 5th School for Rural Sociology.
  • 01. 04. 1991. - 30. 06. 1991.: International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (scientific)
    Agricultural Policy and Rural Development- Certificate of International Centre for Advanced Mediterranea Agronomic Studies



Title Funding Status
Diversifikacija ruralne ekonomije i utjecaj na kvalitetu života u ruralnim područjima Sveučilište u Zagrebu in progress
Poduzetničke sklonosti mladih poljoprivrednika Sveučilište u Zagrebu finished
Doprinos državnih potpora ekonomskoj održivosti obiteljskih pojoprivrednih gospodarstava Sveučilište u Zagrebu finished
Sociodemografska reprodukcija obiteljskih poljoprivrednih gospodarstava MZOS finished
Zadružno organiziranje mladih poljoprivrednika u jačanju konkurentnosti poljoprivrede MZO finished


Title Funding Status
Unapređenje stručne prakse na preddiplomskim i diplomskim studijima Agronomskog fakulteta Europski socijalni fond in progress


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Other professional activities

  • 2012: Agroeconomia Croatica, deputy editor-in-chief
  • 2008 - 2008: Pennsylvania State University, Department of Agricultural and Extension Education, USA, collaborator on the project
    Enhancing the Aspirations of Croatian Rural Youth thought the Use of Technology, AN: 8222 /2008.
  • 2007 - 2013: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of RH,project leader
    Socio-demografska reprodukcija obiteljskih poljoprivrednih gospodarstava/ Socio-demographic Reproduction of Family Farms; No:178-1782223-2360
  • 2006: Sociologija i prostor, member of the editorial board
  • 2005 - 2006: Sociologija sela, member of the editorial board
  • 2005 - 2006: University of Exeter, EC 6th Framework collaborative Programme, extern collaborator
    Agro economic policy analysis of the new member states,the candidate states and the countries of the western Balkan; CEEC AGRI POLICY No.513705
  • 2002 - 2005: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of RH,project leader
    Interes mladih na selu za obiteljsku poljoprivredu/ Interest of Rural Youth for Family Farming; No.0178041
  • 2002 - 2005: University of Zagreb, ICAM and University of Georgia, USA, researcher
    A Partnership for Sustainable Rural Economic Revitalization in Croatia
  • 1998 - 2000: Ministry of Agriculture of RH, project leader
    Obrazovanje u funkciji razvoja obiteljske poljoprivrede/ Education in the function of development of family farms, No:329-1/98-1/90, Ur. br. 525-02-98-44
  • 1993 - 1994: FAO, collaborator on the project
    Socio-economic Situation and Status of Rural Women in Selected Central and Eastern European Countries