University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture

Lectures :: Prof. Rashid Kulmatov, PhD


We are pleased to invite you to attend the following lecture which will be held by Prof. Rashid Kulmatov, PhD, Department of Biology and Soil Science, National University of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan:

“The Aral Sea catastrophe; causes, consequences and whether there are solutions of the problems”
Thursday, June 9, 2016 :: 11 h :: Chamber room, VI pavilion

The lectures are organised by the Department of Soil Amelioration and International Relations Office.

Lecture  abstract

The Aral Sea was one of the most ancient lakes in the planet and was the fourth lake in the world by its size; it was famous for the richest natural resources not so long time ago, and the area of the Aral Sea was considered prospering and biologically rich natural environment. Until 1960s the area of the Aral Sea was 68.9 thousand sq. km, the water volume was 1083 cubic km and the Sea was supplied with water of the rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya. The fish fauna of the Aral Sea amounted to 20 species of fish. Unfortunately, all of these had been left in the past. The Aral Sea quickly dries out due to intensive evaporation, extensive use of water resources of Amydarya and Syrdarya rivers. Today its volume is over 13 times less and the area is 7 times less. The water level has decreased to 26 meters, the coastal line has receded to hundreds kilometers. Dust and salt storms rage from time to time, carrying million tons of salt, dust and sand to hundreds kilometers. Consequences of the ecological disaster have affected living conditions of millions of people living in the basin of the Aral Sea. All the current processes and the phenomena of this region are redoubled during the global climate change in the whole planet, being much more severe, faster and more complex.. In the presentation offered some scientific and practical ways of solving of the Aral Sea crisis.


Prof.R. Kulmatov has experience in the field of: Quantity and quality of rivers water; Monitoring and protection of land, surface and underground water resources. Mr. Kulmatov completed MSc in Environmental Chemistry, Tashkent State Institute of Pharmaceutics, Uzbekistan, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences and Doctor of Science (Dr.) in Environmental Science, Russian University of Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia. He published more than 25 peer-reviewed journal articles in well-reputed Journals like J. of Environment and Earth Science, J. of Water Resource and Protection, J. of Environmental Science and Engineering etc. Mr. Kulmatov has  local research projects, that mainly focus on the water –land environmental problems of the Uzbekistan. Presently Mr. Kulmatov is working as professor in the Faculty of Biology and Soil science in the National University of Uzbekistan.