University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture

"AGRO Startup" in October at the Faculty of Agriculture


Association „Land and People“ continues with its mission of „inspiring agriculture“

After successfully organized 1st agricultural conference „Slavonika“, association organizes one-day conference named „AGRO Startup“.

„AGRO Startup“ will be held on October 25th at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. Faculty of Agriculture, at the head of which is the dean Zoran Grgić accept to be co-organizer of this unique event. The name of the conference is focused on connecting practice and inspiring young people, future agro-entrepreneurs to prepare and present their ideas intended for efficient agricultural processes.

„Technology is increasingly becoming a factor of influence in the process of agricultural cycles, just like the importance of association with the aim of competitiveness and survival. The topics that as soon as possible should be discussed are connection of young farmers and providing of opportunities for understanding and implementation of innovation and technology. Also, all those who are thinking about agribusiness should be encouraged to launch start-up "said Danijel Koletić, vice president of the association „Land and People ".

The representatives of investors from the agricultural sector are expected at the „AGRO Startup“ to provide potential funds for students „Agro Startup“ ideas. Preparation of program is in progress and will be presented at the end of August.