University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture

Final conference of the LIFE project

It is our pleasure to inform you that the Final conference of the LIFE project "Low pesticide IPM in sustainable and safe fruit production” (LIFE.SU.SA.FRUIT) will take place on Wednesday, November 15, 2017, starting at 9 AM in Great Councill Hall of out faculty. On this coonference, the results and possibilities of reducing the use of pesticides in fruit production and improving fruit quality through new technologies while encouraging and maintaining biodiversity will be presented. Presentations will be held by experts from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bologna, University of Turin, representatives of Italian co-operative APOFRUIT and international company XEDA . We invite all interested to attend the conference. Participation is free.

List of presentations:

  • Tomislav Jemrić, University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture
    The effect of photoselective exclusion nets on apple and peach fruit quality
  • Rosemarie Tedeschi, University of Turin
    The use of exclusion nets for orchard pest management in NW Italy
  • Ivana Pajač Živković, University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture
    Effect of exclusion nets on ground beetle fauna in IPM apple orchard
  • Jean de Barberac, XEDA
    Effect of Bioxeda and hot water for the control of superficial scald on Granny Smith apples
  • Davide Spadaro, University of Turin
    Application of essential oils to control postharvest diseases of apples and peaches
  • Gianni Ceredi, APOFRUIT
    Thermotherapy as a possible alternative method for reducing the incidence of fruit rots in post harvest
  • Marina Collina, University of Bologna
    Optimization of control strategies  against Venturia inaequalis by inorganic products

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