University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum: Zagreb 2019

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Learning landscape - Zagreb Futurescapes :: International Student Competition

View on the city of Zagreb (photo by Goran Andlar)

The International Student Competition is part of the 8th Landscape Forum of the LE:NOTRE Institute. This event will be hosted by the School of Landscape Architecture, Department of Ornamental Plants, Landscape Architecture and Garden Art, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb.

The LE:NOTRE International Student Competition aims to support integrated and holistic approaches to the urban and peri-urban landscape through multidisciplinary student teams elaborating planning and design proposals at various scales.

The role of the urban periphery within a city’s overall dynamic needs to be rethought. The periphery should recover its essence and identity and become reconnected to the city’s spatial, social and cultural profile. Participating students will explore the peripheral landscape, question the complex processes in this specific landscape type, in relation to the city’s context and dynamics.

The proposals should be developed around the following aspects. Participants are invited to interpret those and to set individual emphasizes:

  • Sustainable visions for the relation of built tissue, open space and landscape elements
  • Sustainable visions for the relation city – periphery and sprawl territories
  • Proposals for improved connectivity at different scale levels
  • Enhancement of ecological functions and ecosystem services
  • Introduction of green infrastructure elements based on a conceptual framework
  • Sustainable traffic proposals
  • Proposals for the sustainable development of tourism and leisure areas
  • Visions for a better dialog between cultural heritage and dynamics of urban identities

Focus areas:

Taking the aspects mentioned above into account, the competition participants are invited to develop their concepts around one of the following themes. These topics are identical to the general structure of the landscape forum:

  • Urban growth and peri-urban sprawl: Urban development is increasing pressure on urban green spaces, but on the other hand, an increase of new residential area is raising the demand for public green structures for recreations
  • Sustainable tourism and leisure: landscape transformation and regeneration through ecological tourism development, recreational potential needs to coexist with ecosystem needs
  • Heritage and identity: connection between different dynamics of landscape identities, the balance between regeneration and transformation of landscape
  • Rural fringe and productive landscape: multifunctional local foodscapes, integration of traditional and recreational agricultural areas
  • Landscape perception: landscape perception as an extended design strategy and a framework for inclusive approaches, multidisciplinary cooperation as a basis for quality variety of methods and approaches
  • Landscape democracy: landscape equality based on exploratory and interactive methods

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