Agribusiness and Rural Development

The graduate program in Agribusiness and Rural Development offers multidisciplinary knowledge and competences in a number of social sciences, especially economics and biotechnical sciences. Apart from the bio-technological sciences as a part of the course, it also offers application of economic, social studies within the field of agriculture: agricultural politics, farm management, marketing and market placement of agricultural products, economics and organization of production and agricultural sociology. Knowledge of management and marketing from the perspectives of agribusiness, agricultural politics and rural development is deepened.

After the completion of graduate program in Agribusiness and Rural Development a student can pursue a doctoral degree in the postgraduate study in Agricultural Economics, depending on the selection of elective modules, in all other doctoral programs at the Faculty of Agriculture, as well as at other similar studies in Croatia and abroad.

List of Modules

  1. Methods of calculation and costs in agribusiness
  2. Rural sociology
  3. Rural development
  4. Agricultural and rural policy II
  5. Management of SME's in agribusiness
  6. Business statistics II
  7. Econometrics
  8. Investments and investment projects in agribusiness
  9. Marketing Research in agribusiness
  10. International business
  11. International Economics II
  12. European Union - common agricultural policy
  13. Agriculture and economic growth and development
  14. Socio-economic and gender analysis and rural development
  15. Labor economics in agriculture
  16. Infrastructure economics in agribusiness
  17. Extension service and communications
  18. Operational research for agribusiness
  19. Risk management in agriculture
  20. Direct marketing and processing on family farm
  21. Applied marketing and innovations in agribusiness
  22. Analysis and quality management for agri-food products
  23. Info systems in agriculture
  24. Resource economics in agribusiness
  25. Case studies in agribusiness management
  26. Professional project (group seminar)
  27. Degree thesis