Plant Sciences

Graduate study (MS) in Plant sciences students could enroll after a three year bachelor study program in accordance with the Bologna Declaration. After graduation, the student gets title Master in Plant Sciences (Mag.). Such a person can be qualified for managing various processes in crop production, plant breeding and biotechnology, seed production, production of medicinal, aromatic and honey plant species. The graduated person can pursue the PhD or studies for specialization. Graduate study lasts two years (VII-th to IX-th term). It has working load of 120 ECTS credits. The study program has compulsory and elective modules, practical training (one month), working on a technical project, and writing the graduate thesis. In the first study year (VII-th term), the student enrolls five compulsory modules, which enable better understanding subsequent modules, elective within curriculum and freely elective ones. In the IX-th term, the student can enrol modules equivalent to 30 ECTS credits at another university. The graduate student can consult the Study coordinator (Head of the curriculum) and/or mentor regarding making decisions relevant to the study.

List of Modules

  1. Basic biometrics
  2. Plant biotechnology
  3. Plant biochemistry
  4. Management of SME's in agribusiness
  5. Global ecology
  6. Plant genetics
  7. Breeding field crops
  8. Vegetable and flower plant breeding
  9. Fruit and vegetable breeding
  10. Breeding for resistance to pests and abiotic stresses
  11. Cereals- starchy grain crops
  12. Yield formation in arable crops
  13. Fiber crops
  14. Tobacco and hop
  15. Forage crops
  16. Agricultural phytocoenology
  17. Grassland production
  18. Seed science and technology
  19. Molecular biodiversity and evolution
  20. Experimental design
  21. Grain legumes production
  22. Root and tuber crops production
  23. Oilseed crops
  24. Alternative field crops and production systems
  25. Wildlife forages
  26. Population genetics in plant breeding
  27. Quantitative genetics in plant sciences
  28. Infosystems in agriculture
  29. Molecular plant breeding
  30. Plant genetic resources conservation
  31. Applied data analysis
  32. Production and procession of medicinal and aromatic crops
  33. Forage conservation
  34. Professional project (group seminar)
  35. Degree thesis