Organic Agriculture with Agrotourism

The curriculum of the programme in Ecological Agriculture and Agrotourism is relatively similar to the curricula relating to organic agriculture in the EU member states. The study is a logical continuation of Bsc studies in the field of Biotechnical sciences  - agriculture and related sciences (forestry, food technology) of University of Zagreb, other Croatian and/or foreign universities. In the study there are numerous of elective modules - students themselves choose modules to be studied at the Faculty of Agriculture or some other faculty and the studying at a different university in Croatia or abroad for 1-2 semesters.

List of Modules

  1. Modern forms of tourism
  2. Economical features of touristic market
  3. Management in the ecological sensitive area
  4. Principles of integrated plant protection
  5. Natural enemies and the principles of biological control
  6. Organic vegetable growing
  7. Organic viticulture
  8. Alternative poultry production
  9. Honey and other bee products
  10. Rural sociology
  11. Basics of agricultural zoology
  12. Global ecology
  13. Microbial ecology
  14. Fodder crops in wildlife growing
  15. Food safety
  16. Forage crops
  17. Grassland production
  18. Original livestock breeds and their conservation
  19. Processing of fruits and vegetables
  20. Experimental design
  21. Ornamental plants
  22. European union - common agricultural policy
  23. Game management
  24. Medicinal, aromatical, and honey plants
  25. Fisheries
  26. Plants with repellent and insecticide activity
  27. Professional project (group seminar)
  28. Degree thesis