Students are trained to conduct various plant protection jobs within plant protection departments of a number of expert and scientific institutions such as: the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Menagement, the Croatian Agricultural Extension Institute, the Institute for Plant Protevtion in Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Croatia, scientific institutes. They are able to execute plant protection tasks in organizations such as: the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction, the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship, domestic and foreign agrochemical companies and distributors of plant protection products, agricultural pharmacies, the Institute for Seeds and Seedlings, county and state inspection services, county offices for economy, agricultural estates and other companies. They are able to conduct plant protection independently on farms and in agricultural companies.

List of Modules

  1. Applied entomology
  2. Phytomycology
  3. Phytobacteriology and phytovirology
  4. Special herbology
  5. Principles of integrated plant protection
  6. Natural enemies and the principles of biological control
  7. Experimental design and data analysis in plant protection
  8. Laboratory techniques in phytopatology
  9. Molecular techniques in phytopatology
  10. Phytonematology
  11. Acarology
  12. Plant pathogen interaction
  13. Legislation in plant protection
  14. Urban entomology
  15. Agricultural aspects of genetically modified crops tolerant to pests
  16. Management and entrepreneurial in agribusiness
  17. Perennials in city greenery
  18. Molecular diversity and evolution
  19. Breeding for resistance to pests and abiotic stresses
  20. Food safety
  21. Introduction to organic agriculture
  22. Rare and endangered flora of Croatia
  23. Organic viticulture
  24. GIS and natural resources
  25. Plant biotechnology
  26. Management in the ecological sensitive area
  27. Risk management in agriculture
  28. Applied marketing and innovations in agribusiness
  29. Management of SME's in agribusiness
  30. Info systems in agriculture
  31. Organic - biological production of vegetables
  32. Professional project (group seminar)
  33. Degree thesis