Animal Genetics and Breeding

The fast trend in developments of informatics and genetics is continuing in 21st Century, so, it is logical to suppose that those areas will be unavoidable for modern agriculture. Master study Animal Genetics and Breedingis conditioned by development of genetics, informatics, and biometrics as well as by reproduction techniques and gene transfer. The study consists of knowledge on three fields; a) animal breeding, b) application of molecular genetics in livestock production and c) reproduction of "superior" genetic material. Together with theoretical knowledge, the students will have practical lectures; a) from quantitative methods (biometry, quantitative genetics, etc), b) in the laboratory for functional genomics and conservation genetics (DNA isolation, PCR, etc) and c) in applications of reproductive techniques (artificial inseminations, etc). The future students with master degree in Animal Genetics and Breeding are necessary for future successful production of food, for good understanding of modern livestock production and for planning of overall development.

List of Modules

  1. Biometrics and planning of research in animal science
  2. Cytology
  3. Animal molecular genetics
  4. Population genetic
  5. Variability of Y Chromosome and mtDNA
  6. Quantitative genetics
  7. Conservation genetics
  8. Endocrinology and biology of reproductive system
  9. Management of livestock reproduction
  10. Animal breeding
  11. Writing and presenting a scientific work
  12. Molecular diversity and evolution
  13. Technology and techniques in milk and meat production
  14. Health aspects of milk and meat production
  15. Basic techniques of programming
  16. Applied marketing and innovations in agribusiness
  17. Biochemistry - selected topics
  18. Genetics and breeding of honeybees
  19. Professional project (group seminar)
  20. Degree thesis