Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

List of Modules

  1. Chemistry and quality control of feed
  2. Biochemistry - selected topics
  3. Biology of digestion and metabolism
  4. Microbial biotechnology in animal science
  5. Feeds and additives
  6. Ruminant nutrition
  7. Poultry and rabbit nutrition
  8. Swine nutrition
  9. Horse and companion animal nutrition
  10. Nutrition in aquaculture
  11. Health aspects of animal nutrition
  12. Technology of feed production
  13. Biometrics and planning of research in animal science
  14. Applied marketing and innovations in agribusiness
  15. Basic theory of costs and methods of calculation in agribusiness
  16. Management and entrepreneurial in agribusiness
  17. Writing and presenting a scientific work
  18. Professional project (group seminar)
  19. Degree thesis