Production and Procesing of Meat

The student will get basic ideas of growth phenomenon, meat biochemistry, various methods, breeding system and the use of domestic animals in meat production and processing. He/she will get knowledge on significance of genotypes and ecological factors in meat production, quality and processing. Depending on the group of elective modules a student may be made qualified for managing technologically demanding processes in the area of meat production and processing or prepared for scientific progress through post-graduate studies. The MSc degree holder will complete an experimental professional or scientific work.

Qualifications attained: manager of production on a farm and/or a technologist, a craftsman plant (a slaughterhouse, ham-smoking plants, plants for production of fermented meat products, etc), professional manager in counselling services, a professional manager of programmes in associations of animal breeders, a technologist in primary meat production and processing, a teacher in vocational secondary and high schools, an associate in trade and marketing of agricultural equipment and products, a media worker and journalist in the sector agriculture - food.

List of Modules

  1. Biochemistry - selected topics
  2. Biology of digestion and metabolism
  3. Biological and biochemical basis of growth and breeding domestic animals
  4. Cattle breeding and beef production systems
  5. Sheep breeding and meat production systems
  6. Goat breeding and meat production systems
  7. Pig breeding and pig meat production systems
  8. Poultry breeding and meat and eggs production systems
  9. Alternative poultry production
  10. Fermented meat products
  11. Facilities and equipment in meat technology
  12. Molecular genetics in animal production
  13. Biometrics and planning of research in animal science
  14. Health aspects of meat production
  15. Water fowl and ostrich production and breeding
  16. Ruminant nutrition
  17. Management of livestock reproduction
  18. Info systems in agriculture
  19. Investments and investment projects in agribusiness
  20. Management of SME's in agribusiness
  21. Professional project (group seminar)
  22. Degree thesis