Production and Processing of Milk

Duration of this graduate study is two years. For each program 60 ECTS points per year should be acquired, total number being 120 ECTS points. Throughout the study, students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills of overall system of production and processing of milk into dairy products, enabling them to continue their education on specialist and Ph.D. studies. Due to content and system of offered study modules, as soon as they finish their study, students are competent and able to work on their own. They can run milk production on farm, technology of milk processing into various dairy products, quality control of dairy products. Furthermore, the level of acquired competence is enough for equal participation in: team work on developing new technologies and products; management of milk production and processing; expert work in agricultural counselling services; research institutions and agricultural administrative bodies.

List of Modules

  1. Biochemistry - selected topics
  2. Biology of lactation
  3. Biometrics and planning of research in animal science
  4. Ruminant nutrition
  5. Dairy microbiology
  6. Milk production
  7. Sheep and goat milk production
  8. Dairy physics and chemistry
  9. Fermented milks
  10. Cheesemaking
  11. Biochemistry and technology of cheese ripening
  12. Genotypes and selection in dairy production
  13. Molecular genetics in animal production
  14. Health aspects of meat and milk production
  15. Molecular microbiology
  16. Professional project (group seminar)
  17. Degree thesis