Fisheries and Game Management

Proposed study program respects the need for highly specialized and flexible way of studying fisheries and game management with the emphasis on the development of individual competences. Engaged is the educational staff from several departments and existing research facilities (including a fishery laboratory with a hatchery and Faculty's hunting ground). This graduate study programme has been adjusted for the enrolment of graduates from studies in the field of biotechnological science, as well as from other corresponding study programmes. A high degree of elective modules is anticipated, and the possibility of studying at a different university in Croatia or abroad for 1-2 semesters. The students achieve expert knowledge in fisheries, game management, environmental protection and related sciences, as well as the ability to make independent decisions. A Master's degree holder is trained to work as leader and manager in fisheries and game management organizations, to work in advisory services, managing offices in local management bodies, teach at specialized high schools, to perform jobs on the market and in media of fish and game tools and products. Master is also prepared for specialization through the postgraduate studies.

List of Modules

  1. Limnology and oceanography
  2. Game biology and ecology
  3. Hunting
  4. Ichthyology
  5. Fishing
  6. Aquaculture
  7. Game management of hunting ground
  8. Modern forms of tourism
  9. Wildlife forages
  10. Info systems in agriculture
  11. Cynology
  12. Water use and protection
  13. Nature protection
  14. Resource economics in agribusiness
  15. Biodiversity of Adriatic and freshwaters
  16. Fishery boats and ports
  17. Professional project (group seminar)
  18. Degree thesis