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Experiment stations

The FAZ experiment stations are used for teaching, scientific research and technical activities.

Presently, FAZ has six experiment stations:

  • Maksimir - 25 Svetošimunska St., Zagreb (in the FAZ neighbourhood),
  • Jazbina (142), Zagreb (a couple of kilometres from the FAZ campus),
  • Sljeme Center for Grasses at Mt. Medvednica,
  • Historical Gardens and Landscape Development Center, Dubrovnik,
  • Josip Ban Jelačić, Prolom state-owned hunting grounds III/29, Buzeta (some ten kilometres from the City of Glina),
  • Šašinovečki Lug, Šašinovec near Sesvete, in the process of setting up (located some 15 km from the FAZ campus).

The FAZ has also started setting up a Bioengineering Research Center (ABIC) at 104 Ferenčica, Zagreb. An Agriculture and Food Institute is also in founding stage, and its establishment has been initiated by the FAZ and the former Tobacco Institute, Zagreb.

Experiment stations at Maksimir, Jazbina, Sljeme and Dubrovnik have been managed and owned by the FAZ for a long time, while Prolom Buzeta and Šašinovečki Lug are of a more recent date. Experiment station Prolom is owned by the Republic of Croatia and it was turned over to the FAZ based on a 30-year concession agreement signed in 2006. Registration of title for the Šašinovečki Lug Experiment Station is under way.

Th e FAZ is fully responsible for experiment stations Prolom Buzeta and Šašinovečki Lug, while other experiment stations are managed by the FAZ departments. The experiment station at Maksimir (25 Svetošimunska St.) is managed by five departments, the one at Jazbina by two, and Sljeme (Mt. Medvednica) and Dubrovnik Centres are managed by one department each.