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Most significant land marks in the development of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Zagreb

919. The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in Zagreb is founded by Royal Decree
1921. Maksimir experimental ground is bought
1925. The First Doctoral Thesis in the Field of Agricultural Sciences is defended at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
1934. The I Pavillion in Maksimir is completed and the Faculty moves to its present site

Jazbina experimental grounds are acquired for the purposes of fruit, vineyard and wine experiments.

The first issue of Agricultural Scientific Review is published

1947. The Faculty of Agriculture is granted an experimental ground on Medvednica.
1957. The study programme is streamlined into majors instead of the former unified curriculum; firstly into two majors: Crop-and-Animal Science and Pomology-Viticulture-and-Enology, and later into others.
1958. The first post-graduate study programme is set up.
1959. After the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry are established as two separate institutions, the Faculty of Agriculture continues to operate independently.
1978. The FAZ integrates with independent agricultural institutes and changes its name to the Faculty of Agricultural Science.
1992. The FAZ is given its present name and the current curriculum is introduced.

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