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Horticulture is a part of agriculture facing challenge of the 21th century - to produce enough high quality vegetables, fruits, grapes and wine, ornamental, aromatic and medicinal plants without influencing negatively on environment. Horticultural crops growing has high economic importance in the world as well as in Croatia, needing different level of knowledge suited for hobbyists, professional producers and scientists. For that reasons Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb started their undergraduate study program (BSc) Horticulture in the year 2005, and with the academic year 2008/09 firs students will enroll graduate study (MSc.) Horticulture. The duration of the program is four semesters, worth 120 ECTS credits and it finishes with defending of completed diploma thesis.

Degree in Horticulture is the gateway to a wide variety of careers such as technologist in fruit, vegetables and ornamental growing, horticultural crops nursery or wine cellar, supervisor or extensionist in state or local administration as well as researcher or teacher on scientific institutes, high schools and universities. In order to be well prepared for the future career students enroll one of four specialties:  Viticulture and enology, Fruit growing, Vegetable growing or Ornamental plants. Besides compulsory modules for each specialty high number of elective modules enables study suited to student's individual needs and professional goals