Study programme

Planting plan and plant use in landscape design (197697)

ECTS 6.00
Teaching hours 60
Lectures 30
Practicum 30
Associate teacher for exercises
assist. prof. Monika Kamenečki
Sufficient (2) 60-70%
Good (3) 71-80%
Very good (4) 81-90%
Excellent (5) 91-100%
Periodic seminars and exercises, final exam (written).

Course coordinator

Assist. Prof. Petra Pereković, PhD
Assist. Prof. Petra Pereković, PhD

Course description

Ensure the acquisition of knowledge about the design of planting plans within the main design of the landscape architecture project. The primary emphasis of the course is on the planting plan as one of the mandatory parts of the project documentation relating to the implementation phase of the open space design.

Type of course

General competences

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
- define segments of spatial planning and design documentation related to the selection and planting of plant material
- make a planting plan and related technical details within the framework of landscape architecture projects

Types of instruction

  • Exercises
  • Lectures
  • Other
    Independent assignments.
  • Seminars

Learning outcomes

Learning outcome Evaluation methods
Define the content of the project documentation relating to planting and plant selection. Written exam, seminar
Identify and use plant species suitable for a given spatial context. Written exam, seminar
Establish a planting plan with related technical details. Written exam, seminar
Create and elaborate bill of quantities for planting plan. Written exam, seminar

Weekly class schedule

  1. Plant material in landscape architecture projects - introductory lecture.
  2. Planting plan - general principles.
  3. Visual-aesthetic and functional characteristic of plant material in the context of creating planting plan - designs for both short-term and long-term effect, ecological planting, and plant associations.
  4. Proportions, scale and other spatial characteristics and planting plan guidelines - how different spatial characteristics influence the planting plan.
  5. Plant design principles - general principles and characteristics of plant design.
  6. Planting plan in the context of concept and main design of landscape architecture project - degree of detailed planting plan in concept phase and in main design.
  7. Planting plan in the context of detailed design of landscape architecture project - main design detailed technical document.
  8. Creating planting plan content and graphical characteristic - planting plan content and graphical characteristic.
  9. Tree planting and technical documentation - tree planting and technical possibilities.
  10. Shrub and groundcover planting and technical documentation - planting plan content, graphical characteristic and technical possibilities.
  11. Establishing bill of quantities of plant material for the main and detailed project design - evaluation of the plant material and detailed item description needed in BoQ.
  12. Planting plan and plant use in the context of sustainable design - how can plant use contribute to sustainability (economic, social and environmental dimension).
  13. Planting plan for different types of open space - different types of urban space.
  14. Planting plan and technical documentation in context of green roof design - plant use and planting plan for different types of green roof, type and depth of substrate materials, technical details and characteristics of planting trees and other plants on green roofs (anchoring system, root barriers).
  15. Planting plan and technical documentation in context of urban biodiversity - the importance of biodiversity in urban area, approach and characteristics.

Obligatory literature

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Recommended literature

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