Study programme

Table grapes production (188844)

ECTS 3.00
E-learning R1
Teaching hours 30
Lectures 15
Practicum 14
Seminar 1
Prof. Bernard Kozina, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Marko Karoglan, PhD
Mirela Osrečak, PhD
Marina Anić, mag. ing. agr.
Associate teacher for exercises
Prof. Bernard Kozina, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Marko Karoglan, PhD
Mirela Osrečak, PhD
Marina Anić, mag. ing. agr.
Sufficient (2) 60-69 %
Good (3) 70-79 %
Very good (4) 80-89 %
Excellent (5) 90-100

Course coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Marko Karoglan, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Marko Karoglan, PhD

Course description

The course will provide students with modern knowledges related to the table grape production. The status and prospects of table grapes production in the world and in Croatia, with the main economic traits of this production will be presented. Particular emphasis will be given to designing and setting up table grapes vineyards and to the choice of suitable growing systems. Besides that, the importance of table grapes cultivars and selection criteria for production will be processed. Students will be introduced to the specific features of agrotechnics and ampelotechnics in table grapes production, with special reference to irrigation of vineyards. Finally, harvest, packaging and storage techniques of table grapes will be presented. Besides acquiring theoretical knowledge, students will take an active part in field work to get familiar with all agrotechnical and ampelotechnical work in the table grapes vineyard.
Upon the completion of lectures and exercises, students will acquire the knowledge of the character and technical-technological characteristics of table grapes production, with special emphasis on the role of ecological conditions in its production.

Type of course

Types of instruction

  • Field work
  • Lectures

Weekly class schedule

  1. Introduction to the course - about the course, the course syllabus, goals and outcomes. General information about table grapes production in the world and in Croatia; the history of the production; economic features of table grapes production- L
  2. Principles of table grapes vineyard establishment, environmental conditions, cultivar and rootstock choice - L
  3. The features of different trellis systems, and their suitability for different cultivars - L
  4. Pruning of table grapes vineyard - L
  5. Soil maintenance and irrigation - L
  6. Table grapes cultivars; selection and criteria for new cultivars production- L
  7. Canopy management in table grape vineyard: trimming, topping, girdling, defoliation, cluster thinning, berry thinning - L
  8. Pruning of table grapes - E
  9. Table grapes vineyard project - E
  10. Preparing for planting and planting of vineyard - E
  11. Shoot trimming - E
  12. Cluster and berry thinning - E
  13. Determination of harvest date; Harvest – E
  14. Harvest, packaging and storage of table grapes cultivars; Uvometrics; Mechanical analysis of grapes and berries - E
  15. Vineyard project and design – S

Obligatory literature

  1. Zabadal, T.J. (2002). Growing table grapes in a temperate climate. Michigan State University. Extension Bulletin 2774
  2. Lectures and PowerPoint presentation
  3. Strik, B.C. (2011). Growing table grapes. Oregon State University. Extension Service. EC 1639

Recommended literature

  1. Anderson, K. (2013). Which winegrape varieties are grown where? University of Adelaide Press. Australia