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Poziv na predavanje za znanstveno-nastavno osoblje “Trust in management”

Datum održavanja:

Poziv na predavanje za znanstveno-nastavno osoblje  koje će se održati u srijedu 23. svibnja 2018., 11:00 sati u Velikoj vijećnici pod vodstvom Dr Hab. Joanne Paliszkiewicz, Prof.  s  Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland.


The concept of trust has become popular in public debate and academic analysis. In high income countries this interest is associated with concern for the decline of trust in governments and professionals, and in developing countries has been prompted by debates around the motion of social capital. Trust has been identified as a major factor influencing such thing as capital investment, the sales of high-value investment goods, relationship marketing, cross-cultural communication, learning and various types of cooperation such as high-tech development projects, as well as transaction governance and costs. Trust management become also very important inside organizations. The aim of the first part of the lecture is to present the interdisciplinary nature of trust and the importance of trust in management of the organizations. At the second part the possibility of publishing articles and books will be presented.


1st part

  •  Introduction
  • The concept of trust
  • Trust building
  • Distrust
  • The importance of trust
  • The impact of leadership on trust, knowledge management, and organizational performance – research results
  • Summary

2nd part

  • The possibility of publishing articles and books


Joanna Paliszkiewicz is a specialist in management issues connected with knowledge management, intellectual capital and trust management. She holds the rank of University Professor of Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. Prof. J. Paliszkiewicz is well recognized in Poland and abroad with her expertise in management issues. She has published over 170 original papers and eight books. She serves on the editorial board of several international journals. She is the editor of Issues in Information Systems and deputy editor-in-chief of Management and Production Engineering Review Journal. She is associated editor of Journal of Computer Information Systems and International Journal of Applied Knowledge Management. Prof. J. Paliszkiewicz has been awarded a number of grants sponsored by Polish Ministry of Sciences. In recognition in her outstanding teaching and research. Dr. Paliszkiewicz was named the 2013 Computer Educator of the Year by IACIS in USA.

Dr Hab. Joanna Paliszkiewicz, Prof. gošća je Zavod za menadžment i ruralno poduzetništvo.