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FAO serijske publikacije




0081-4539 Agriculture series II-1945
1020-8712 Agricultural information management series II-5889
1020-6531 Agricultural policy and economic development series II-5652
1010-1365 Agricultural services bulletin II-4739
1020-5187 Animal health manual 10 840
1810-0732 Animal production and health proceedings II-6057
1810-1119 Animal production and health manual II-6082
0254-6019 Animal production and health paper II-4740
0255-7665 Capacities de la pate et du papier II-4701
1729-8199 Capacity development in food and agriculture policies II-6027
0259-2916 Codex Alimentarius II-5229
1816-5303 Commodities and trade proceedings II-6152
1729-9829 Commodities and trade technical paper II-6026
1810-0783 Commodity studies II-6033
1020-492X Commodity market review II-3145
0259-2452 Conservation guide II-4746
1810-0775 Diversification booklet A-8981
0259-2460 Economic and social development paper II-4744
0532-940X EIFAC technical paper II-5042
1684-8241 Environment and natural resources series II-5946
1609-0098 Ethics series 11466
1020-2080 Farm systems management series II-5339
0259-2495 Fertilizer and plant nutrition bulletin II-4993
1813-3940 Fisheries proceedings II-6137
0429-9337 Fisheries report II-4738
0014-5602 Fisheries synopsis II-5384
0429-9345 Fisheries technical paper II-4737
0254-4725 Food and nutrition paper II-4742
1014-3181 Food and nutrition series 9053
1813-3932 Food and nutrition technical report series II-6122
1020-5055 Food balance sheets A-6899
1014-806X Food nutrition and agriculture II-5443
0258-6150 Forestry paper II-4749
ISBN Forestry statistics today for tomorrow II-5429
1020-7236 GFCM (General fisheries council for the Mediterranean) report II-4853
1020-9549 GFCM (General fisheries council for the Mediterranean) studies and reviews II-5334
1020-4873 GESAMP reports and studies II-5528
ISBN Guidelines on ... pesticide A-8931
0251-1495 Human resources agricultural and rural development A-4408
1020-4555 Integreated crop management II-4329
1011-5366 Investment centre technical paper II-5106
1607-6613 IPTRID Intern.programme for technology and research in irrigation and drainage II-5844
0254-5284 Irrigation and drainage paper II-4747
1020-8070 Joint FAO/WHO food standards programme 9342
1024-6703 Land and water bulletin II-5492
1812-3163 Land tenure notes A-8989
1020-3117 Land tenure studies A-8591
1014-6679 Legislative study II-4748
1726-5274 Microbiological risk assesment series 11136
1020-3370 Non-wood forest products II-5503
1020-7163 PAAT technical and scientific series A-8755
1020-122X People's participation II-5426
0259-2517 Plant production and protection paper II-4745
0259-2525 Plant production and protection series 9056
0255-7665 Pulp and paper capacities II-4701
0429-9337 Rapport sur les peches II-4738
1729-9454 Readings in ethics II-6028
1020-0541 Research and technology paper A-7929
1024-2368 REUR technical series II-5530
0253-2050 Soils bulletin II-4741
1020-8682 Species cataloque for fishery purposes II-6088
1020-6868 Species identification field guide for fishery purposes 10 533
1020-5705 State of the World's forests II-5586
1020-5489 State of world fisheries and aquaculture II-5585
1812-0571 Statistical yearbook (Trade, Production, Fertilizer and Bulletin of statistics) II-1907
1014-3378 Statistical development series II-4743
1020-5292 Technical guidelines for responsible fisheries A-8632
0378-6811 Terminology bulletin II-3517
1020-0665 Training materials for agricultural planning II-5420
0259-2533 Training series A-7983
0041-6436 Unasylva II-5441
1020-1203 Water reports II-5435
ISBN World food summit II-5034
0532-0488 World soil resources report II-3599
ISBN World statistical compendium 10 213
1014-7667 Yearbook of fishery statistics II-1895
1020-458X Yearbook of forest products II-4340