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Master thesis (146075)

ECTS bodovi 15.00
Sati nastave 150

Opis predmeta

Master thesis is an individual written work based on students' own research that is written in a scientific form and implies students' engagement in work that is equivalent to 15 ECTS module. Graduation is usually done during IV. semester and ends with oral defense (presentation and answering the questions).

Vrsta predmeta

Opće kompetencije

Master thesis is students’ independant task in the area of agricultural sciences and interactions between agriculture and the environment, and sustainable use of natural resources. Student must be able to apply gained knowledge in a form of scientific reserch work: do the state of art research in the field of interest, design its own research, define research hypothesis and objectives, collect and process data and make some conslusions from the research. Implies broadening the gained knowledge, especially in a domain of scientific methods application.

Ishodi učenja i način provjere

Ishod učenja Način provjere
Apply knowledge gained in MS study
Define research project: hypothesis, objectives and goals
Conduct research independently
Use results of other reserchers to interpret correctly results from own research
Present own research in written form properly
Suggest some improvements for similar research
Present own research in a form of public (oral) presentation