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Upotreba cijelog genoma mitohondrijske DNA u oplemenjivanju i konzervacijskoj genetici goveda

Akronim: mitoTAUROmics

Naziv natječaja: Istraživački projekti

Izvor financiranja: Hrvatska zaklada za znanost

Ukupna vrijednost: 912 378,00 HRK

Financirani iznos: 912 378,00 HRK

Početak provedbe: 01. 07. 2014.

Završetak provedbe: 30. 06. 2018.


The main goal of this proposal is to sequence mitochondrial whole genome (mtWGS) in a 500 to 600 bulls or cows (440 to 540 belonging to Istrian cattle, Busha cattle, Slavonian-Syrmian Podolian cattle and Holstein population in Croatia) in order to: 1). identify polymorphic sites within mtWGS in genetically small populations and to analyse (confirm) the presence of selection for the whole mitochondrial genome as well as for each single gene (comparison of non-synonymous versus synonymous mutations); 2). Identify potentially detrimental mutations and to estimate detrimental load in all analysed populations; 3.) develop computerised approach (set of algorithms) that will, in terms of probability or likelihood, enable imputation of sequenced mtWGS haplotypes for other pedigree members as well as to point to animals that are wrongly assigned to the pedigree, 4.) Identify mutations that are associated with phenotypic variability of milk production and fertility traits and to estimate the magnitude of the mtWGS effects (haplotypes) in terms of variance components and 5.) Identify private (specific) mutations that can be used in traceability or genetic bar-coding of species and breeds (this is of particular interest for endangered populations). In performing these comprehensive analyses we will use newly developed methodologies of high-throughput sequencing and complex computing analyses. We believe that this research will stimulate other researchers involved in animal genetics and breeding of other species (dog, horse, swine, rabbit, etc…) for similar researches. Furthermore, results of the project will be economically utilised in cattle breeding as well as conservation management of endangered Croatian breeds. At the same time, we hope that innovative and technologically advanced component of this research will result in good publication record for all scientists involved which will further increase our competitiveness to approach to EU funded projects.

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prof. dr. sc. Ino Čurik
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doc. dr. sc. Dragica Šalamon
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Dinko Novosel, dr. med. vet.
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Vladimir Brajković, mag. ing. agr.
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izv. prof. dr. sc. Antun Kostelić
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izv. prof. dr. sc. Vlatka Čubrić Čurik
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doc. dr. sc. Maja Ferenčaković
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