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Innovative Real-time Monitoring and Pest control for Insects

Izvor financiranja: LIFE+

Ukupna vrijednost: 3 008 627,00 EUR

Financirani iznos: 1 489 270,00 EUR

Broj ugovora: LIFE13 ENV/HU/001092

Početak provedbe: 01. 06. 2014.

Završetak provedbe: 31. 12. 2018.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a sustainable approach to pest control that combines the use of prevention, avoidance, monitoring and suppression strategies to maintain pest populations below economically damaging levels. IPM can also minimise pest resistance and harmful effects of pest control on human health and environmental resources.
It includes monitoring techniques, such as pest scouting, degree-day modelling and weather forecasting. These help to target suppression strategies (using precision techniques) and avoid routine preventive treatments. High-level IPM suppression systems include effective agro-chemicals and cost-effective biological and cultural controls, as well as the lowest pesticide levels needed for the cropping system.
A previous LIFE project, MEDAPHON, developed a soil biological monitoring tool for continuous, automatic remote monitoring of soil micro arthropods. The so-called EDAPHOLOGsystem is a novel, online, in-situ monitoring system consisting of opto-electronic probes, radio/internet data loggers and a central server. The EDAPHOLOG probes installed in the soil allow the remote sensoring of soil micro arthropods activities and current real-time data analysis via the EDAPHOWEB server application.

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prof. dr. sc. Božena Barić
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doc. dr. sc. Ivana Pajač Živković
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