Plant Phenotyping Laboratory

Laboratory of the Department of Plant Nutrition and The Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity and Molecular Plant Breeding

Laboratory equipment combines gas exchange analysis with different plant imaging and scanning techniques and simultaneous image analysis, enabling quantification of multiple morphological and physiological plant traits. Our main aim is to assess the different phenotyping techniques and protocols to serve as rapid, reliable plant physiological status indicators and select meaningful plant traits related to specific production conditions or environmental constraints.

Equipment list:

Two fully automated growth chambers, controllable in temperature, air humidity, photoperiod, light intensity

Chlorophyll fluorescence imaging (CropReporter, PhenoVation, Wageningen, The Netherlands)

Multispectral imaging (CropReporter, Wageningen, The Netherlands)

3D multispectral scanning (PlantEye, Phenospex, Heerlen, The Netherlands)

Gas exchange analysis (Li-6800, LI-COR, Lincoln, NE, USA)

List of traits

Digital biomass

Plant height

Plant height max

3D leaf area

Projected leaf area

Leaf inclination

Leaf area index

Leaf Angle

Light penetration depth

RGB Color

NIR Color


Chlorophyll index

Anthocyanin index

Normalized Digital Vegetation Index (NDVI)

Normalized Pigments Chlorophyll ratio index (NPCI)

Plant Senescence Reflectance Index (PSRI)

Fv/Fm=ϕPo=(Fm-F0)/Fm (maximum quantum yield of PSII photochemistry)

NPQ – non-photochemical quenching

ϕRo=(Fm-FI)/Fm (quantum yield of reduction of end acceptors of PSI)

ϕPSII=ϕPt=Fq’/Fm’=(Fm’-Fs’)/Fm’ (effective quantum yield of PSII photochemistry)

ETR (Electron Transport Rate)

Net photosynthetic rate

Transpiration rate

Stomatal conductance, etc

Head of the laboratory: Assist. Prof. Boris Lazarević, PhD

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