Department of Chemistry

of Chemistry

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture
Svetošimunska cesta 25, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Pavilion 3rd, 2nd Floor

Scientific-teaching employeesPhoneE-mail (+
Assoc. Prof. Luna Maslov Bandić, PhD, Head of Department
Associate Professor
+385 1 239 3820lmaslov
Prof. Marko Vinceković, PhD
+385 1 239 3953mvincekovic
Assist. Prof. Nenad Jalšenjak, PhD
Assistant Professor
+385 1 239 3953njalsenjak
Slaven Jurić, PhD
Postdoctoral Student
+385 1 239
Marija Sigurnjak Bureš, PhD
Postdoctoral Student
Expert-technical employeesPhoneE-mail (+
Katarina Sopko Stracenski, M. Sc. chem.
Senior Expert Associate SZVO
+385 1 239 3820ksopko
Kristina Vlahoviček-Kahlina, PhD
Expert Associate SZVO
+385 1 239 3953kvkahlina
Jasminka Ilišin
Technical Assistant
+385 1 239 3820jilisin

Teaching activities

The teaching staff of the Department of Chemistry teaches and conducts laboratory exercises at undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and professional studies at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb. Students actively participate in laboratory exercises in the field of analytical chemistry and biochemistry.

It is important to note that as early as 1910 the Institute had a laboratory for exercises of students in general and agricultural chemistry at the then Forestry Academy. It is important to separate the teaching process in time before and after the introduction of the Bologna Process. When enrolling at the Faculty of Agriculture, students choose one of three departments: Plant Production, Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Economics. Chemistry (inorganic, organic chemistry and biochemistry) is taught in all three departments together and is equally represented in postgraduate studies.

Scientific and research activities

The field of work of the Department has changed and expanded from analytical chemistry and agricultural chemistry, organic, inorganic chemistry and biochemistry, to special research related to photosynthesis and photosynthetic pigments, environmental problems associated with residues of herbicides and inorganic pollutants in the biological soil-water system. plant, research related to the quantitative relationship between the structure and activity of biologically active substances, then the relationship between the structure of the molecule and the properties of biopolymers and surfactants, to apply the results in agrochemistry, ecology and technology. Recent scientific research includes the encapsulation of bioactive substances in biopolymer micro-and nanoparticles and their time-release for plant nutrition and protection to reduce the use of agrochemicals in agro-ecological agricultural production and the preparation of healthier biofunctional food. Also, one of our goals is to develop edible coatings for fruits as innovative postharvest treatments.

Instrumental part of our Laboratory carries out routine analysis and method development of specific volatile compounds in different agricultural products. The main goal of is to unravel and understand the molecular origin and composition of the sensory aroma in food especially cheese.


The forerunner of the Department of Chemistry is the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, which was founded on July 20, 1925, as the tenth department in a row at the then Faculty of Economics and Forestry. The Department of Agricultural Chemistry developed from the Royal National Oenological Institute, founded in 1907 in Zagreb, which already in 1910 had a laboratory for exercises of students in general and agricultural chemistry at the then Forestry Academy. With the abolition of the Institute of Oenology (1911), the Department became the Chemical Laboratory of the Faculty of Economics and Forestry, and in 1925 the Department of Agricultural Chemistry. Until 1960, the Department was part of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, after which it operated as the Department of Chemistry of the Faculty of Agriculture. Since 1993, it has been operating as the Department of Chemistry of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Heads of the Department of Chemistry: Prof Bogdan Šolaja (1925-1939), Prof Marko Mohaček (1941-1952), Prof. Božidar Rogina (1952-1967), Prof. Dragutin Horgas (1967-1984), Docent Jelena Manitašević (1984-2001), Docent. Ljubica Đumija (2001-2009), Associate Professor Marija Bujan (2009-2015), Associate Professor, Marko Vinceković (2015- present).

Since the founding of the Faculty in 1919, the following teachers have worked at the Department:

  • Chemistry: Prof. V. Njegovan (1919-1924), Prof. B. Šolaja (1923-1941), Prof. M. Mohaček, (1941-1945), Docent Ljubica Đumija (1984-2009), Associate Professor Marija Bujan (1995-2017),
  • Agricultural chemistry: Prof. dr. sc. F. Šandor (1919-1922), Doc. dr. sc. S. Varićak (1921-1923), Docent A. Seiwerth (1923-1924), Prof. B. Šolaja (1924-1941), Associate Professor Marija Bujan (2007-2011),
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry: Prof. M. Mohaček (1941-1952), Prof. B. Rogina (1952-1967), Prof. D. Horgas (1967-1984), Docent J. Manitašević (1984-2001), Docent. Ljubica Đumija (1984-2009), Associate Professor Milan Šoškić (2001-2016), Associate Professor  Marija Bujan (2009-2017)



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