Department of Field Crops, Forage and Grassland

of Field Crops, Forage and Grassland

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture
Svetošimunska cesta 25, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Pavilion 6, 3rd Floor

Scientific-teaching employeesPhoneE-mail (+
Prof. Željko Jukić, PhD, Head of Department
+385 1 239 3781zjukic
Prof. Jasminka Butorac, PhD
Full Professor
+385 1 239 3632jbutorac
Prof. Josip Leto, PhD
Full Professor
+385 1 239 4079jleto
Prof. Ana Pospišil, PhD
Full Professor
+385 1 239 3783apospisil
Prof. Milan Pospišil, PhD
Full Professor
+385 1 239 3701mpospisil
Prof. Zlatko Svečnjak, PhD
Full Professor
+385 1 239 3774svecnjak
Prof. Krešimir Bošnjak, PhD
+385 1 239 4027kbosnjak
Prof. Dubravko Maćešić, PhD
+385 1 239 3702dmacesic
Prof. Darko Uher, PhD
+385 1 239 3700duher
Assist. Prof. Marina Brčić, PhD
Assistant Professor
+385 1 239 3662mbrcic
Assist. Prof. Hrvoje Kutnjak, PhD
Assistant Professor
+385 1 239 3782hkutnjak
Lucija Rajčić, M. Sc. oecol.
+385 1 239 3888lrajcic
Expert-technical employeesPhoneE-mail (+
Goran Grgurić, Head of Experiment Station
Support tehnical staff
Draženka Piha, Department Secretary
Technical Assistant
+385 1 239 3775dpiha
Ivana Čačić, dipl. ing.
Senior Expert Associate SZVO
+385 1 455 0042icacic
Nikola Lesičar
Senior tehnical associate
+385 1 239 3914
Denis Jurić
Technical Assistant
+385 1 239 3914
Ivan Kenđelić
Technical Assistant
+385 1 455 0042ikendjelic
Domagoj Vuk
Technical Assistant
Snježana Župan
Technical Assistant
+385 1 239 3914szupan
Dragutin Dupelj
Support tehnical staff
+385 1 455 0042ddupelj
Tomislav Dupelj
Support tehnical staff
+385 1 455 0042tdupelj
Miroslav Knežević
Support tehnical staff
+385 1 239 3914mknezevic
Petar Landripet
Support tehnical staff
+385 1 455 0042

Teaching activities

Lectures and practical work:

All teaching activities under the study program in modules primarily related to the field, industrial, fodder and energy crop, grassland managenment, phytocenology and all practical work were performed at the experiment stations.

Scientific and research activity

The Department’s staff carries out teaching and research activities and cooperation with the business sector in the field crop production. In their scientific activities, the Department’s staff conducts research in the field of agro-technology, plant physiology, seed and mercantile production of arable crops, grassland management, postharvest technology and preservation of field, forage and energy crops. They also perform the selection and introduction of field crops and forage crops. In the application of scientific and technical knowledge they cooperate with state and local governments and agricultural producers in the development of production technology for field crops, forage crops and energy crops. Crop management and physiological research are conducted at the Maksimir experimental station on experimental fields, as well as plant breeding of soybean, forage pea, vetch and maize.

  • Designing and improving technological processes in crop production and grassland management - The Department is committed to research activities that explore technological processes in the production of field crops, industrial crops, forage crops, grasses and energy crops, and it off ers its knowledge to the market as part of planning the production of raw materials for processing industry and forage for animal breeding. The Department’s staff conducts: – testing experimental hybrids and field crop varieties in agro-ecological conditions of the Republic of Croatia, – biological studies of organic and mineral fertilizers on field crops by conducting field experiments, – consultation in the development of technological processes and production monitoring in mercantile and seed production of fi eld crops, – education for target groups of manufacturers in the fi eld of producing field crops, industrial crops, forage crops, grasses and energy crops.
  • Production of soybean varieties seed and winter field pea seed - The Department produces pre-basic seed of soybean varieties ‘Zagrepčanka’, ‘Sanja’ and ‘Ana’ for the production of basic seed (BS) and the lower categories, as well as winter field pea ‘Maksimirski rani’ and ‘Ozimi šampion’ for the production of basic seed (BS) and the lower categories.
  • Breeding livestock (cattle) Charolais breeds - In the Center for Grassland at Mt. Medvednica the Department breeds cattle and sheep for the research purposes and some representative animals are placed on the market.
  • Laboratory and “in vivo” determination of the nutritional value of voluminous forage - The Department conducts research of the nutritional value of voluminous forage (green, silage, dried). For this purpose, NIRS technology and experimental animals are used.
  • Application of GIS in the analysis and planning of agricultural production - The interpretation and analysis of satellite and aerial photographs of agricultural land (RS - remote sensing). The development of solutions and their implementation in agricultural production on grasslands aimed at nature protection.

Experimental stations

Experimental station ''Maksimir''

Grassland Research Centre


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