Prof. Nadica Dobričević, PhD

Prof. Nadica Dobričević, PhD

Division of Agricultural Engineering
Department of Sustainable Technologies and Renewable Energy Sources
Office location: Hall 1, 1. floor, room number 010
Phone: +385 1 239 3997
Email: ndobricevic ( at )
Languages: croatian, english, russian
Consultations: wednesday from 10am to 12pm

Academic qualifications

  • 1990 - 1996: Ph.D.
    Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb

    The influence of convection drying process on the quality of apple slices cultivars 'Idared' and 'Božićnica'
  • 1982 - 1985: M.Sc.
    Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb

    Testing of the vertical mixer for premix production
  • 1978 - 1982: B.Sc.
    Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb

    Modern mechanization in beans harvesting intended for industrial processing

Employment and work experience

  • 1983 - : Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb; Department of Agricultural technology, storing and transport
    2016. Ph.D.
    2010.- 2016. Ph.D.


Research interests

  • Processing and preserving of fruit, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Processing and storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Nutritional quality of fruits, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants

Training and research experience

  • 2014/05/29 - 2014/05/29: HSM-informatics, Zagreb (expert)
    “HSM day for educators”
  • 2012/03/08 - 2012/03/08: CROLAB, Zagreb (mixed)
    “Essential oils”
  • 2009/04/09 - 2009/04/09: CROLAB, Zagreb (expert)
    The legislation of the food and standards
  • 2008/04/17 - 2008/04/18: JRC-TrainMic, DZM, Zagreb (expert)
    “Principles and Applications of Metrology in Chemistry”
  • 2008/04/04 - 2008/04/04: HGK, Zagreb (expert)
    “Microbiological standards for food”



Title Funding Duration AFZ role
Nutritivna i funkcionalna vrijednost koprive (Urtica dioica L.) primjenom suvremenih hidroponskih tehnika uzgoja Croatian science foundation 2020/01/15 - 2024/01/14 coordinator
Identifikacija samooporavljivih procesa u biološkim materijalima MZOS 2007/01/01 - 2013/12/31 coordinator
Nutritivna vrijednost plodovitog i suptropskog povrća MZOS 2007/01/01 - 2013/12/31 coordinator


Title Funding Duration AFZ role
Poboljšanje kakvoće proizvoda od jabuka i kupina - proizvodnja soka i sirupa od jabuka i kupina te proizvodnja džema od kupina Suradnja s tijelima uprave 2012/11/27 - 2013/12/15 coordinator

university support

Title Funding Duration AFZ role
Bioaktivni spojevi češnjaka iz ekološkog i konvencionalnog uzgoja Sveučilište u Zagrebu 2017/01/01 - 2017/12/31 coordinator
Antioksidacijski potencijal praha aronije Sveučilište u Zagrebu 2015/01/01 - 2015/12/31 coordinator
Dorada i prerada tržišno neprihvatljivog voća i povrća i njihova primjena u hrani životinja Sveučilište u Zagrebu 2014/01/01 - 2014/12/31 coordinator


  • Voća, S., Šic, Ž. J., Dobričević, N., Jakobek, L., Šeruga, M., Galić, A., Pliestić, S. (2014)
    Variation in the Bioactive Compound Content at Three Ripening Stages of Strawberry Fruit. Molecules, 19 , 7; 10370-10385.
  • Voća, S., Dragović-Uzelac, V., Družić, J., Dobričević, N., Šindrak, Z., Duralija, B., Pliestić, S. (2010)
    Changes In Antioxidative Components In Fruit Of Five Strawberry Cultivars During Three Harvest Times. Italian journal of food sciences. 22 , 4; 408-415.
  • Jakobek, L., Šeruga, M., Voća, S., Šindrak, Z., Dobričević, N. (2009)
    Flavonol and Phenolic Acid Composition of Sweet Cherries (cv. Lapins) Produced on Six Different Vegetative Rootstocks. Scientia Horticulturae. 123 , 1; 23-28.
  • Voća, S., Dobričević, N., Družić, J., Duralija, B., Skendrović B. M., Dermišek, D., Čmelik, Z. (2009)
    The change of fruit quality parameters in day-neutral strawberries cv. Diamante grown out of season. International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition. 60 , 3; 248-254.
  • Pliestić, S., Dobričević, N., Filipović, D., Gospodarić, Z. (2008) Influence of moisture content on physical and mechanical properties of almond (Prunus dulcis cv. Fra Giulio Grande). Transactions of the ASABE. 51 , 2; 653-659.
  • Voća, S., Dobričević, N., Dragović-Uzelac, V., Duralija, B., Družić, J., Čmelik, Z., Skendrović, B. M. (2008) Fruit Quality of New Early Ripening Strawberry Cultivars in Croatia. Food Technology and Biotechnology. 46 , 3; 292-298.

Bibliography (CROSBI):

Google Scholar:

Other professional activities

  • 2014 - 2020: HZN
    Chairman of the Technical Committee HZN/TO34
  • 2012 - 2015: Agronomski fakultet
    Member of the Commission for proposing annual awards, medals and similar public recognition Faculty of Agriculture
  • 2009 - 2017: Agronomski fakultet
    Member of the Faculty Council Faculty of Agriculture
  • 2009 - 2015: MRDEUF
    Member of the Technical Commission for drinks MRDEUF
  • 2007 - 2023: HZN
    Member of the Croatian Standards Department 34/SC 2; PO 3 and PO17
  • 2002 - 2015: ISHS
    Member ISHS
  • 2001 - 2023: HGK
    Member of the Technical Commission for fruits, vegetables and their products TK-04 CCC
  • 1986 - 1999: Agronomski fakultet
    Technical Editor of Proceedings of the International Congress of the Croatian technologists for post-harvest technology "Zrnko"
  • 1985 - 2008: Agronomski fakultet
    Member of the Organizing and Scientific committee Conference for postharvest technology and biofuels, Zagreb

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