Pomology 1 (152072)

Course coordinator

Course description

This module deals with chapters from morphology, breeding and ecological conditions for fruit cultivation, physiology of growth and yield and pomo-technical and agro technical measures. Classes include lectures, exercises and field work. Student achieves fundamental knowledge that will be needed for understanding other modules from similar topic and basic skills needed for mastering fruit cultivation.

Type of course

ECTS: 6.00

E-learning: L1

Teaching hours: 60
Lectures: 32
Practicum: 20
Seminar: 8

Associate teacher for exercises
Associate teacher for seminars

Sufficient (2): 60 %
Good (3): 70 %
Very good (4): 80 %
Excellent (5): 90 %

General competencies

The module enables understanding morphological characteristics and physiological manifestations of growth and yield of fruit trees. Students receive theoretical and practical knowledge that is necessary for the understanding materials from other related modules.

Types of instruction

  • Lectures
  • Practicum
    Exercises deals with morphology of bearing shoots, tasks for calculation of production indicators and in orchard pruning is trained.
  • Seminars
    Students prepare and present one of the topic from subjects that this module deals by.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcome Evaluation methods
explain the importance of fruit in human diet written or oral exam
identify and evaluate conditions needed for fruit cultivation written or oral exam, homework
describe basic physiological processes of growth and yield of fruit trees written or oral exam, homework
identify different systems of fruit cultivation written or oral exam
organize and conduct agro-technical measures in orchard during the vegetative period seminar
recognize and describe different types of bearing shoots on fruit trees written exam
conduct pruning practical checkup

Working methods

Teachers' obligations

Lectures, exercises and seminars

Students' obligations

Regular attendance to lectures, regular presence to the exams, regular fulfillment of obligations, handing two homework, positively evaluated seminar

Methods of grading

Evaluation elements Maximum points or Share in evaluation Grade rating scale Grade Direct teaching hours Total number of average student workload ECTS
Pohađanje predavanja i vježbe 18 18 0,5
Pripreme za aktivno sudjelovanje u raspravama, radionice i domaće zadaće-usmena provjera 0 15 0,5
Seminarski rad (priprema+ prezentacija) 70% <60%
Insufficient (1)
Sufficient (2)
Good (3)
Very good (4)
Excellent (5)
12 45 1,5
Usmeni ispit - provjera teoretskog znanja tijekom izlaganja seminara 30% <60%
Insufficient (1)
Sufficient (2)
Good (3)
Very good (4)
Excellent (5)
0 12 0,5
UKUPNO 100% 30 90 3

Weekly class schedule

  1. Introduction and course definition, the state of fruit production in the Republic of Croatia, morphological and physiological characteristics of root system
  2. Objective methods for determing optimal harvest date and maturity of apples and pears
  3. The morphology of the above-ground parts of fruit trees, types of fruiting and non-fruiting shoot
  4. Generative and vegetative propagation of fruit trees, fruit nursery organization, production of nursery plants
  5. Ecological and edaphic conditions for the growth and development of fruit trees, the influence of relief.
  6. The effect of pruning on growth and fertility, distribution and characteristics of various tree training
  7. Practical mastering the basic techniques of pruning and forming tree form
  8. Annual and life cycle of fruit trees, growth stages of the tree growth, factors affecting the growth and development of fruit trees
  9. The course of differentiation of flower buds, the factors that influence the differentiation, regulation methods of differentiation
  10. Phenophases of flowering, relations of fertilization in fruit trees, the role of pollinators
  11. Soil management in the orchard, the advantages and disadvantages of different systems
  12. The role of fruit thinning in the regulation of fruit tree yielding, ways and thinning agens
  13. The growth curve of the fruit, factors affecting fruit growth, dependence of vegetative and generative growth, fruit quality
  14. Preparation and presentation of student&#39;s seminar papers
  15. A visit to the orchard, introduction to technological processes of fruit production in practice and experience of the fruit producers

Obligatory literature

  1. Jemrić, T. 2007 Fruit grafting and pruning, Uliks, Rijeka (In Croatian)
  2. Miljković, I. 1991. Modern pomology, Znanje, Zagreb (chosen chapters)
  3. Štampar, K. 1966 Pomology 2 (internal script), Poljoprivredni fakultet Zagreb

Recommended literature

  1. Kozlowski, T. T., Pallardy, S. G. 1997. Growth control in woody plants, Academic press, San Diego
  2. Westwood, M. N. 1995. Temperate-zone pomology, physiology and culture, Third edition, Timber Press, Portland, Oregon

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