Gostujuće predavanje: prof. dr. Piotr Sikorski i prof. dr. Daria Sikorska

U sklopu svog boravka na Sveučilištu u Zagrebu Agronomskom fakultetu, prof. dr. Piotr Sikorski i prof. dr. Daria Sikorska, sa Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW, Department of Remote Sensing and Environmental Assessment, Institute of Environmental Engineering, održati će predavanje u ponedjeljak 25.9.2023., u Maloj vijećnici, s početkom u 9 sati.

Pozivamo sve zainteresirane da dođu poslušati.

Lecture title:
From Warsaw's Legacy to Future Resilience: Integrating Historical Heritage with Modern Biodiversity Insights for Urban Adaptation

Cities around the world face real challenges: changing climates, the need to protect historical sites, and meeting the demands of their people. Places in Central Europe, like Croatia's landmarks, are feeling the heat and weather changes, putting their cultural and environmental importance at risk. Our talk, using Warsaw's Wilanów Palace as an example, will show how we're addressing these issues.

We'll share how we map the benefits nature provides using various tools, and how we bring together knowledge from ecology, economics, and public interests for better city planning. Our main focus is on adding nature-based solutions to the management of Cultural Heritage Sites. There's a lot of potential here, but it's still a new area because of the gaps in coordination and understanding. With the Wilanów Palace, we want to show the value of these sites, both for nature and culture, as a guide for other cities. In the heart of our approach lies the synergy of advanced tools and methodologies: we harness UAVs and remote sensing for detailed biodiversity mapping, conduct comprehensive ecosystem services assessments, and delve into policy analyses. Our insights are aimed not just at understanding, but also at action, guiding urban spatial planning with precision.

Prof. dr. Daria Sikorska 
Prof. dr. Piotr Sikorski 

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