Scientific practical base of microencapsulation of bioactive substances and principally new stimulators of plant development with the purpose of agricultural production intensification

Akronim: SciPraMic

Naziv natječaja: The call of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan for conducting scientific research in the framework of program-targeted funding for 2018-2020

Izvor financiranja: National Center of Science and Technology, The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Uloga AFZ: partner

Ukupna vrijednost: 120 000,00 USD

Financirani iznos: 120 000,00 USD

Početak provedbe: 01.01.2018.

Završetak provedbe: 31.12.2020.


For solution problem of maintaining stability and activity of natural and synthetic bioactive substances, extension of their exploitation, prolongation of their effect, technologies of microencapsulation are more and more actively applied. However there is relevant a development of its scientific and practical bases that will allow to regulate or predict more optimum compositions of preparations including a selection of aids, and the applied form.
The research of various polymer-surfactant mixtures for stabilization of emulsions stability of which has paramount importance in encapsulation of the active ingredients, on the basis of a research of physic- chemical characteristics by methods of a dilatant rheometry, electron microscopy, turbidimetric titration, a spectroscopy, carrying out the analysis of electrophoretic mobility of microparticles, assessment of particle sizes by method of dynamic light scattering, kinetics of a BAS release by method of high-performance liquid chromatography are provided in the Project. Screening tests of microcapsules on the biological and physiological activity of plants will be carried out. The expected results are the development of the scientific and practical bases of BAS microencapsulation technology, that will be allowed to solve the problem of maintaining the stability, resistance and prolonged effect of active agents and will increase the effectiveness in application in comparison with free forms. Potential consumers are various industries because obtained data can be used in the production of a new forms of BAS, the medicinal and enzyme preparations which having the improved consumer properties.The project provides increase in effectiveness of agriculture as a result of encapsulated stimulators application which provide in comparison with free forms the maximal realization of plants genetic potential, by activating the processes of hormones biosynthesis which necessary for increase resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions and production.


prof. dr. sc. Marko Vinceković
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